Scholarship Award winner tells his story

ALMC-Shane SiculanShane Siculan was chosen by Assistance League of Metro Columbus as one of the 2014 scholarship award winners for the Graham School Scholarship program. He shared his experience with the Chapter members at the October 27th membership meeting. “This changed my life,” Shane said when describing his 320 mile hike across the Appalachian Trail.


The physical challenge helped the 18 year old lose 32 pounds, but it also helped him to become motivated to keep going when things got tough. He said for 30 days he carried a backpack with all his gear that weighed about 30 pounds. Deciding every day what would go into the backpack helped him become more organized and think in a practical manner.


“I really didn’t want to carry any of this stuff (water, snacks, extra clothes), but I knew that I was going to need it sometime during that day.”


He met people along the hike that affected him in positive and not so positive ways. He met people who talked a lot, complained about their aches and pains, were tired, people who were laughing and enjoying the day, and he realized that he’s going to meet these kinds of people all through his life. If he’s going to be successful in his life, he can’t listen to the complainers and the negative talk because they bring him down and discourage him from reaching his goal. The people who were positive and kept going, motivated him to keep taking those steps.


Shane said this hike gave him time to think about his future. He said, “Drawing is my true passion.”  Shane wants to be accepted at Columbus College of Art and Design and this experience helped him to focus his energy on making that dream a reality.


The Graham School has a particular mission to urban students in Central Ohio, preparing them for lifelong learning and informed citizenship through real-world experiences and rigorous academics. Fostering ownership and responsibility for their education prepares the students to be successful in college, the workplace and in life. Part of each student’s senior year curriculum is to participate in two different “Walkabouts.”  These are full-time internships or projects at companies and organizations that help the students learn firsthand and in-depth about their professional and personal interests.



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