Join our membership chain




In an unending chain of helping hands and hearts joined in a common goal–to restore hope to women and children who have met with adversity, our member-volunteers form an ever expanding chain searching out unmet needs within our community.  Membership is the interlocking link holding the chain together in a tight bond of help and encouragement, guaranteeing our success.


Before we can initiate a new philanthropic program, member-volunteers have researched the “unmet” needs in our community.  Once we identify a need and decide on a philanthropic program to meet it, member-volunteers are needed to find ways to fund the program through resource development. Thus, our Philanthropic Programs and Resource Development are dependent on each other.  One cannot exist without the other.  Neither can exist without member-volunteers.


Resource development promotes fundraising; more funds result in the viability of more programs.  More programs help to meet more unmet needs, necessitating the need for more member-volunteers.  Thus, the unbroken chain is formed with members as the interconnecting vital link.


If you are interested in being a vital link in the ever-expanding strong and unending chain of restoring hope, please plan to 614-404-8709.

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